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Welcome to remembering! My name is Robin and my website presents African American history and culture. I enjoy sharing our stories and contributions with people of all cultures and ages. These stories from African American culture and history are exciting, powerful and seriously motivational. African American history is being made today as well with each passing hour, so I also examine the extraordinary “human events” happening right now — events that will be a part of African American history in the future. Join me on this great journey through the past and present of African American culture and history. Remember history. Make history!

The website contains interesting information about various characters and events related to African American culture and history. There are accounts of individuals who have played important roles in the evolution of African American culture.

Events at local levels also have a bearing on history. The website looks into these local events and brings out their significance against the larger backdrop of African American history.

Individuals from various walks of life have contributed to the betterment of African American people, but there is hardly any information about such individuals. Remembering puts light on the contributions of such individual. For example, in the article section of the website, there is an article on Justice Thurgood Marshall, a Supreme Court Judge who delivered the landmark judgment against segregation of educational facilities based on color.

The same section also features an article on William Shakespeare and his sense of equality evident through black characters in his various works.

Another section contains information about books on African American history. The books reveal the despondency and also the determination around the long struggle of African American people. The blog section in the website focuses on multiple issues surrounding the life of African Americans. It is informative and thought-provoking as well.

The website is both a source of learning and a place to understand the continuing journey of African Americans.


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