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Wiki History:Marches 3 How Effective is Marching?

This podcast examines how marching began and why we continue to march

Wiki History:Marches 2

Famous marches in Oakland, Calfornia

Wiki History: Marches 1

Civil Rights Marches from Selma to Washington, D.C.

Wiki History: Do We Still Need Black History Month?

Black History Month is Still Important!

Wiki History: Who Founded Black History Month and Why?

Dr. Woodson and Protecting Black History

Wiki History: What is Black History Month?

Basic Information about Black History Month

History is Power! Lecture: The Civil Rights Movement (The Laws and the Cases)

The Supreme Court & The Civil Rights Act of 1964

History is Power! Lecture: The Civil Rights Movement (Marches & Protests)

The Civil Rights Movement, Marches, Protests and the Freedom Riders

Wiki History: Kwanzaa Day Two (Kujichagulia)

Celebrating Self Determination

Wiki History: Kwanzaa Day One (Umoja)

Celebrating the first day of Kwanzaa (Unity)

Wiki History: Intro to Kwanzaa!

The Basics about the Celebration of Kwaanza

Wiki History: Blacks in the Military 3 (The Movies)

Movies that feature true and fictionalised stories of Blacks in the Military

Wiki History: Blacks in the Military 2 (The Heroes)

The Harlem Hellfighters, Buffalo Soldiers and Black Women’s Units

Wiki History: Blacks in the Military 1

Racial Discrimination, Segregation, and Bias: American Revolution to the Present Day

Wiki History: Slavery and Abolition

Importance is African American History

Wiki History: Black Explorers 2

Black Astronauts and Mountain Climbers

Wiki History: Black Explorers 1

African American Explorers: Matthew Henson

Wiki History Intro Lecture: History is Power!

Why learn African American history?

Welcome to Robin Lofton’s website

Remembering African American History: Short Introduction