February 3, 2014
Great reading for Black History Month

I was looking through my personal library and discovered a great book:  The Book of Black Heroes 3: Scientists, Inventors, and Healers (2013), written by Wade Hudson.

I first bought this book for my son but could not put it down myself.  The information is very clearly organized and presented.

I opened it to a random page and found the great scientist, George Washington Carver. I have read a lot about him, but I learned interesting information about his life and his work.  Did you know that he was admitted into college but then the college president revoked his admission after finding out that he was African American?

This book is filled with great stories. Or should I say stories about “the greats”?

Who will you find in this book?

  • Susan McKinley Stewart, who was the first woman physician in the State of New York
  • David Andrew Satcher, who served as Surgeon General of the United States.  (For which President? Read the book!)
  • Andrew Beard, who was born into slavery and invented two types of plow and the railroad coupler.
  • David Crosthwait, Jr., who was an engineer that patented more than 50 inventions.

And you will discover so many more “heroes” in a wide variety of fields and disciplines.

Remember Dr. Carter G. Woodson (who is discussed in another book from this series) founded Black History month as a time to focus on the great contributions of African Americans.  This book is an excellent resource for both children and adults.

My recommendation:  Read one “hero” story every day. 

My prediction is that you will not be able to stop at reading “just one.”  You will be hooked on these well-presented and inspirational stories.  You will be inspired. And you are guaranteed to:

End the month smarter than you started it!

Remember. Study. Celebrate.

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