racial justice

August 18, 2017
What was a citizen’s council?

Over the years, people have questioned why Rememberinghistory.com does what it does: teach and honor African American history. We teach about people, events and problems that—sadly—schools fail to teach and that standard history books—again, sadly–fail to include. But our mission at rememberinghistory.com is to keep history alive and to keep learning from history. And we […]

May 14, 2017
5 easy ways to use your voice to change the world

We’ve seen in previous posts that using your voice is a powerful way to affect change—in yourself and others. In fact, using your voice can change laws, society, governments and, yes, the planet. Click here to read about this. Remember, your voice is not just the ability to “talk.” Your voice is your ability to […]

May 11, 2017
You have a voice: Use it!

Do you know how to use your voice? “Of course!” you answer, “I know how to talk.” I understand the misunderstanding and your disbelief in my question. No disrespect intended. But that doesn’t answer my question. I’m asking if you know how to use your voice. Your “voice” is your power. Talking is your ability […]

June 18, 2015
Be inspired: Attend a History Re-enactment

Hello history friends and welcome back to rememberinghistory.com where we are remembering history and we’re making history too. So, today is the last part of this great and groundbreaking series on fun and easy ways to be inspired by history. Wow, we have covered a lot of ground during this series. We started, in Part […]

June 16, 2015
Be Inspired: Visit Historic Sites

Note: This is Part IV of the Podcast series called “6 Fun & Easy Ways to be inspired by history”. You can find this series in the podcast section. Hello history friends and welcome back to rememberinghistory.com where we are remembering history and we’re making history! This is Robin and I’m really glad that you […]

June 13, 2015
How to be inspired by history, Part II

Note: This is a transcript from the podcast of this series. The podcast can be found on this website and the Remembering History Podcast Page. Hello History Friends and welcome back to rememberinghistory.com where we are remembering history and we’re making history. I’m glad that you have returned for this fantastic, trailblazing and incredibly amazing […]

June 12, 2015
How to be inspired by history, Part I

Last April, I posted a blog that discussed why I love history. (It was called “What Inspires Me” if you want to read it again.) Unequivocally, I answered that history inspires me. I love the stories, the people, the intrigue, struggles and the triumph. They all inspire me. History shows me that nothing happens in […]

May 7, 2015
The United State of African Americans

As an African American woman living in Belgium, there are times when I feel very disconnected. Often, I am the only Black person in the room—it is very rare that there is another African American in the room unless it is my son. See Am I the Only One? Other times, I’m the only American. […]

April 4, 2015
What inspires you?

I have been asked many times why I like history. People relate stories to me about falling asleep in history class while the teacher droned on about an event that happened a hundred (or more) years ago. They tell stories of staying up late trying to remember the date of Spiro Agnew’s tenure as Vice […]

March 24, 2015
Finding the Words

Sometimes, there are no words I just saw the movie, Selma, and was moved by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King. That was no surprise. His words were relevant in the 1960s and they remain relevant now. Again, this is not a surprise. Dr. King was one of the most quotable people in history […]