Michael Brown

March 24, 2015
Finding the Words

Sometimes, there are no words I just saw the movie, Selma, and was moved by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King. That was no surprise. His words were relevant in the 1960s and they remain relevant now. Again, this is not a surprise. Dr. King was one of the most quotable people in history […]

January 15, 2015
The Road to King: The Second Step

As Martin Luther King’s birthday and the U.S. holiday are approaching, I am re-opening my investigations and my mind to discover the real King. What I’m learning is that he kept learning and growing during his (nearly) two decades leading the modern Civil Rights Movement. And, as his thoughts and theories evolved and his resolved […]

January 9, 2015
Why everyone should be Charlie

Sitting here in my living room in Brussels, I am watching the news updates about the attack and killings at Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. The suspected gunmen remain at large, right now in a supermarket (possibly with hostages). The town is surrounded by police. Their capture is inevitable. Yet the important part of the story […]