"History is a source of strength, a constant reminder of the courage of others in times more trying and painful than our own." -David McCullough
January 18, 2014
Martin Luther King: Liberty and Economic Justice for All

As a young child, I always thought of Martin Luther King as a mythical, larger-than-life figure who gave great speeches, believed in peace, and died tragically.  My parents taught me a lot about Black history, frustrated that the schools were failing to teach American history that included the stories and contributions of African Americans.  Dr. […]

January 9, 2014
The Big Events (2013)

Every year is full of events.  2013 was no different.  From a frozen beginning, 2013 had its events that moved the year along to a dramatic ending. And there were bumps along the way. These “bumps” were a variety of events that moved us, drew our sympathy, angered us, made us laugh or cry, entertained […]

November 12, 2013
What are Slave Narratives?

History can be found in many different places.  My previous post focused on discovering history in the movies. But I also mentioned that it could be found in books. I know that this is not a surprise.  But I’m not talking about the history books that you were forced to read in high school or […]