February 28, 2014
Black History Month is just the beginning…

Well, Black History month is coming to a triumphant close. Why do I say triumphant?  Because I know that everyone has remembered their roots, learned so much, and celebrated!

We have examined many different elements of African American history. But this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  So much awaits your examination and perusal.  Some of it is not pretty but most is uplifting and astounding.  Isn’t it great to be astounded?!

That is what Dr. Woodson wanted you to feel when you learned about Black history. 

Do you feel that you are ending this month with more information and greater insight than when it started?  I think that the answer must be a resounding yes.  Be proud!

Black history month is a great time to learn about history and celebrate it.  But February is not the only time that you can study and celebrate Black history.  This endeavor can last for the entire year and it will feel very natural.  Every month need not be devoted solely to learning Black history but try to learn ONE thing or learn about ONE person or ONE event every month and see how great that you feel about the contributions of African Americans.

African Americans are the second founders in America! ~ Robin Lofton


Yes, I am now saying that you can focus on ONE aspect of African American history EVERY month.  I admit that!  But history is a great story and this is an opportunity to revel in one of the greatest stories ever told. The players are great. The events are amazing. And the feelings are everything.  I will be here with you every step of the way to learn about the African American experience. Every month. We will remember, learn, and celebrate together.

It really does take a village–and together we are one big happy village.

Congratulations and…

  • Always remember,
  • Learn a lot, and
  • Constantly celebrate your history.

Keep going!

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