Get to Know Robin

Robin is remembering history and making history!

Robin Lofton

“History is not simply a collection of past events, but a living and evolving story of the human experience. The African American stories have been overlooked for many years, yet African Americans have been present and active throughout the growth of the nation. I want to bring these great “American” stories and experiences to life for all people to cherish and enjoy.” -Robin Lofton

Robin’s great passion is history! History is inspirational. She loves American history, African American history, European history, world history…okay, she just loves history!


History is inspirational.

Yes, she has sat (and slept) through the dry history classes and also read (and slept) through the boring American history textbooks. Those only inspired her to take a long nap!

Robin believes history is about people; therefore, it should be inspirational and alive. History is the story of people and how they lived, thought, loved, fought, dreamed and even died. And history is still being made every day–it is living and growing–and that we can learn history (and the lessons from history) in a fun and friendly way.  Robin gets inspired from history every day. But her goal is not to relegate history to the insides of American and Black history books.

Her goal: To inspire everyone with history.

Who is Robin?

She earned her B.A. in History from UCLA, her J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and her LL.M. in International and European Law from the Rijkuniversiteit Maastricht in the Netherlands.

Following her studies in History, Ms. Lofton worked as a human rights lawyer in the U.S. and Europe. She focused on the abolition of the death penalty as a violation of international human rights law. She also served as amicus curiae on death penalty cases involving racial discrimination and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.Ms. Lofton has studied and worked in the Netherlands, Sweden, and England.

Robin is a writer and lecturer on American history, the African American experience, current events and just about anything that she can relate to history (which is everything). She keeps it fun, friendly and inspirational. So, read her bodacious blog on African American history, American history, and Black history. Listen to her Wiki Podcasts and give your comments directly to Robin or to the growing community of “fun and friendly” historians.

She currently divides her time between Belgium and the United States (Hawaii). She is married and has one son.

She enjoys fitness and adventure activities, playing the cello, travel and studying languages (currently, Mandarin). She also loves a good story!

Join Robin in remembering history and making history!